Victoria Laurie. Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun: A Ghost Hunter Mystery (2009) 320 pp. [pbo]
M.J. Holliday is off to the Duke Hotel in San Francisco, the most haunted hotel in the U.S., to film a new television show Haunted Possessions. She arrives just in time to find the hotel surrounded by police, firetrucks and onlookers. Someone has fallen out of a window and died. Is it suicide, murder, accident or the paranormal that has caused her death. Before she can solve this violent she must first meet her fellow mediums Bernard Higgins, Madam Angelica Demarche and Heath Whitefeather. Things only get better when an object they are asked to examine for the show—a knife—just happens to open a portal in the hotel that releases a nasty demon.
Setting: San Francisco