J.J. Lamb. The Chinese Straight (1976) 201 pp. [pbo]
Publisher’s description: “The case began with a luscious lovely offering Zach Rolfe an irresistible invitation. The action moved into high gear in an exclusive racing-car meet on a maverick millionaire’s isolated estate. And by the time Zach found himself staring at the mangled corpse of his host, he knew it was too late to put on the brakes—as he roared along the dangerous curves and vicious twists of a death route that led from Las Vegas to Tahoe to the secret dens of San Francisco’s Chinatown. With a swinging playmate at his side and a pack of savage killers on his trail, Las Vegas’ coolest private eye had to let out all the stops as he headed toward the finish line—for his quarry or himself.”
Setting: Las Vegas; San Francisco (Chinatown)