Henry Kuttner. Murder of a Mistress (1957) 165 pp. [pbo]
A high-priced call girl who knew too much about too many men—and they had too much to lose if she talked—is found murdered. Four people confess to her murder, including Eileen Herrick, whose father was one of the murdered girl’s lovers. San Francisco psychoanalyst Dr. Michael Gray, who has been counseling Eileen, does not believe that she—or any of the others—is guilty. He discovers that the dead woman’s sister was also killed several months earlier. The police, however, are convinced that Eileen is the murderess and have no interest in further investigation. Then one of the confessors is murdered and an attempt is made on Dr. Gray’s life, convincing him that the murders are connected and the killer is still at large.
Setting: Millbrae
1001 Midnights, p. 452