Andrew Klavan. Shotgun Alley (2004) 301 pp.
Publisher’s description: “Honey—a vivacious, wealthy, seventeen-year-old daughter of a politician—has a penchant for drug dealers, mad-dog bikers, booze, sex, crank, and guns. She’s run off with Cobra, the leader of a band of motorcycle-gang outcasts who have dubbed themselves the Outriders, having been too hotheaded and reckless for other gangs. But her father, who is running for the U.S. Senate, wants her back before she takes his career down in flames along with her hell-bent soul. Enter [private eyes] Scott Weiss and Jim Bishop. Weiss is a former cop who is an accomplished detective with a lot of connections. Bishop is a savvy, strong-willed tough guy and ladies’ man who does the legwork for Weiss’s agency. Bishop’s assignment: infiltrate the Outriders and seduce and steal Honey away from Cobra. But Cobra is brilliant as well as bad—an oddly intellectual biker who is one step ahead of everyone on his trail. And Honey is not only rich and beautiful, she is hotter than the hinges of hell, irresistibly alluring, a black widow who draws the hardest, toughest, sharpest hustlers into her lethal web—where she consumes them whole. Bishop, falling for a woman like never before, is drawn into Honey’s web, and even with the diabolically clever Weiss in his corner—working the cops, scheming with politicians, pulling the strings, and calling the shots—Bishop may be going down. Has Bishop finally met his match? Is Honey too hot to handle?”
Setting: San Francisco