Laurie R. King. The Art of Detection (2006) 358 pp.
SFPD Homicide Inspectors Kate Martinelli and Al Hawkin investigate the death of Philip Gilbert, who body is discovered in Battery DuMaurier, a gun emplacement on the Marin Headlands built to protect the Golden Gate from enemy attack. Kate soon learns that Gilbert, a San Francisco resident, was a Sherlockian—an avid fan and leading scholar of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective Sherlock Holmes—with a priceless collection of memorabilia and the leader of an eccentric circle of fellow Holmes devotees. Kate also discovers that Gilbert had recently acquired a new item for his collection, an unpublished Holmes story set in San Francisco that, if genuine, would blow the lid off of Holmes scholarship. The details in the story are also eerily similar to the circumstances surrounding Gilbert’s death. Would someone really commit murder just to keep a piece of fiction hidden from the light of day? Or are there more personal secrets at play? Kate and Al get involved in a game they have never played before as they track a very different type of killer.
Setting: San Francisco, Marin Headlands