Jerry Kennealy. The Other Eye (2000) 320 pp. [pbo]
Mark Martel is a very successful jewel thief. He is engaged to a beautiful woman, lives in a nice upscale home, and seems to have everything he wants in life. However, his perfect world crashes after delivering a $200,000 painting to a buyer, don Ganero. His client’s son tries to kill Mark and his girlfriend. The assailant carries out his assault, believing that Mark is dead in the Hudson River. Mark survives, but loses an eye. He turns state’s evidence and enters the witness protection program as Mark Marre, San Francisco vintner extraordinaire. Ganero believes that Mark killed his son and puts a $500,000 contract on him. Meanwhile, a several jewel thefts occur that have Mark’s signature modus operandi all over them. Insurance worker Lisa Cole tracks down Mark, believing he committed the crimes. He offers her proof he is innocent, but now Ganero and his henchmen are closing in on Mark, ready to even the score.