Nancy Baker Jacobs. Cradle and All (1995) 312 pp. [pbo]
Publisher’s description: “Young, in love, and eight months pregnant with her first child, Karin Seaton had everything she could ask for. But a tragic car accident that put Karin in a coma for weeks and left her husband and unborn baby dead brought it all to an end. Beside herself with grief, Karin nearly gives up on life until she notices something peculiar about the baby’s death certificate. Could the doctor who delivered her baby have lied about her son’s death? Although still weak from her injuries and thought to be crazy by everyone around her, Karin knows her baby has been stolen and begins to search for him. With the unstoppable determination of a mother’s love, Karin goes up against the powerful and dangerous forces that are trying to destroy her one chance at happiness.”
Setting: San Francisco; Southern California; Northern California