Gregg Andrew Hurwitz. The Tower (1999) 383 pp.
Jade Marlow is a “tracker”—an ex-FBI agent who now works on a freelance basis with the FBI to hunt down the most dangerous killers. Marlow’s skills are put to the test when he is assigned to bring in Allander Atlasia, a brilliant psychopathic murderer who has just escaped from The Tower, a seemingly airtight maximum security prison facility (dubbed “Alcatraz II” by law enforcement officials) located offshore of San Francisco. In the course of effecting his escape, Atlasia not only killed the guards, but also murdered all but one of the other inmates and nearly destroyed the facility itself. Now he is on the loose and killing innocent people again. Marlow, with his official FBI liaison Agent Jennifer Travers, tracks Atlasia through the city of San Francisco, down the Peninsula to San Jose and back again as he tries to decipher his prey’s ultimate goal and bring the killer to justice.
Setting: San Francisco; San Francisco Peninsula; San Jose