Susan Holtzer. The Wedding Game (2000) 275 pp.
Publisher’s description: “Police lieutenant Karl Genesko and his fiancée, computer pro Anneke Haagen, are finally tying the knot—and in-law-deep in pre-wedding jitters and activities. Anneke’s grown daughters and granddaughter are arriving soon, she’s got her consulting business ends tied up, and the University of Michigan’s Art Museum rotunda is a glorious wedding locale. But when Karl is called away suddenly to investigate a mail-bomb murder in Oakland, the victim turns out to be ‘Vince Mattus’—and the happy couple become suspects in the case. Mattus is one of six computer gamers in Anneke’s online chats—evidence found in his apartment links the group, and Karl, to the murder. From a punk party girl to a Silicon Valley heavy, the suspects create a murder game to catch a killer—online. As the game zeroes in on the culprit, identities disappear and emerge. And for Karl and Anneke, ‘till death do us part’ might happen sooner than anyone expected.”
Setting: Michigan; Oakland; Silicon Valley
MRJ; Hubin