Susan Holtzer. Better Than Sex (2001) 240 pp.
Even on their honeymoon in romantic and picturesque San Francisco, Ann Arbor police Lieutenant Karl Genesko and his new bride Anneke Haagen cannot get away from murder. The newlyweds are eating brunch at the trendy bistro Maize and Blue when a food researcher at Anneke’s table suddenly keels over and dies. Since Karl is on the scene when the death took place, he is asked by his San Francisco counterpart to explore the Ann Arbor connection. The victim, Michigan graduate Lindsay Summers, was obsessive about food. She wanted legislation passed to force people to eat right and she had the ear of a Michigan Congressman who jumped on her bandwagon and made it an issue. Karl, Anneke and the SFPD work together to find the killer but in the end it is Zoe, Anneke’s friend at the university who risks her life to solve the case.