Louise Hoblitt. Two Dead, One to Die (2004) 310 pp. [tpo]
In Oakland, communications expert Darby Hill is expected to find a means to sell the Terra Tech video game arcade to the public as a nice place to have a good time in a science-oriented virtual reality medium. The project would be fun except that her former lover Curtis is her team worker and is a competitor for a promotion. Darby has not forgiven him for cheating on her. When an elderly man charges into their office, Darby is shocked by how shook up Curtis seems, though he tries to hide his reaction. Darby knows nothing affects the composed Curtis, who tries to tap dance out of her questions. When the old man is found dead, Darby is unable to mind her own business, visits the morgue, and begins making inquiries over the objections of her peers, especially Curtis. Not long afterward, Curtis is also murdered and Darby realizes she is in trouble as someone has taken advantage of her curiosity and set her up to take the fall as a murderer. Now her investigation turns personal and deadly.