Carolyn G. Hart. Skulduggery (1984) 190 pp.
Publisher’s description: “Dr. Ellen Christie, an anthropologist, knows San Francisco can be a dangerous city. Then why does she admit a frightened stranger into her apartment? The stranger brings a report of a treasure and involves her in a desperate hunt that leads through the darkest byways of Chinatown. Ellen dives into the chase and isn’t certain of her own motives. Does she want to help Jimmy and his brother, Dan? Or is she playing along with them to advance her own career? And what are those feelings she’s having for Dan? Ellen must decide between dead bones and live people. In the end, she must combine a scientist’s boldness with a woman’s guile to come out on top. She decides that overstepping the fine line between legal and illegal is rather like sipping fine brandy, easier and more intoxicating every time she does it.”
Setting: San Francisco (Chinatown)