Dane Hartman. The Mexico Kill (1982) (Dirty Harry #4) [pbo]
San Francisco Police Inspector Harry Callahan is in trouble with his superiors again. After shooting up a nightclub while apprehending a known drug dealer, Harry loses two things: his collar and his badge. Luckily he knows all kinds of people. Harold Keepnews, a millionaire whose yacht has been hijacked and crew murdered, hires Harry to investigate. The yacht is back in the San Francisco marina with a new paint job and a new name. Keepnews wants the pirates caught and punished—something “Dirty” Harry is uniquely qualified to do. After a car chase that leads from the Marina through the Presidio and ends in a gun battle in Golden Gate Park, Harry agrees to take job. He is onboard Keepnews’ new yacht with a hand-picked crew on a run to Mexico, hoping to draw the hijackers out. He blasts his way through the drug runners headquarters in a coastal Mexican town, then returns to San Francisco to track down the ringleader—an enterprise that will leave only one man standing.