Dashiell Hammett. A Man Named Thin (1962) 128 pp.
Contents: A Man Named Thin; *Wages of Crime; *The Gatewood Caper; *The Barber and his Wife; *Itchy the Debonair; *The Second-Story Angel; *In the Morgue; *When Luck’s Running Good.
In “A Man Named Thin,” Robin Thin, Sr., who heads a San Francisco detective agency, sends his son, Robin Thin, Jr., to investigate a jewelry store robbery; young Thin promptly unmasks the thief and solves the case. In “The Gatewood Caper,” the Op assists the San Francisco police in investigating the kidnapping of Audrey Gatewood, the daughter of a wealthy lumber magnate. “Itchy the Debonair” is the story of an Oakland bank robber who is so pleased when the newspapers call him “debonair” that he reads up on fictional suave crooks. In “When Luck’s Running Good,” Phil Truax, a drifter in San Francisco, rushes to the aid of a woman being accosted in the street, but is knocked unconscious; coming to, he discovers a woman’s handbag containing jewelry and a large amount of cash—leading him into a plot involving Russian blackmailers.
*1st book publication
Baird & Greenwood 1037
Layman A19