Dashiell Hammett. Hammett Homicides (1946) 128 pp.
Contents: *The House in Turk Street; *The Girl with the Silver Eyes; *Night Shots; *The Main Death; Two Sharp Knives; Ruffian’s Wife.
Four stories starring the Continental Op (three of which take place in San Francisco) and two non-series stories. In “The House in Turk Street,” the Op follows a lead to Turk Street in San Francisco in search of a runaway whose father wants him to return home to Tacoma and stumbles onto a gang of thieves who are in possession of $100,000 worth of stolen bonds. In “The Girl with the Silver Eyes,” the Op is hired to find the silver-eyed Jeanne Delano; when he finds her he recognizes her as one of the bond-thieves from “The House in Turk Street” caper. In “The Main Death,” the Op is hired by a San Francisco antique jewelry dealer to investigate the murder of one of his salesmen. “Ruffian’s Wife” is the story of a woman living in a suburb of San Francisco, married to a tough gangster.
*1st book publication
Baird & Greenwood 1035
Layman A14.1