Dashiell Hammett. The Adventures of Sam Spade and Other Stories (1944) 125 pp.
Contents: *Too Many Have Lived; *They Can Only Hang You Once; A Man Called Spade; *The Assistant Murderer; *Night Shade; *The Judge Laughed Last; His Brother’s Keeper.
Short stories, three of which feature San Francisco private eye Sam Spade. In “Too Many Have Lived,” Spade is hired to find a woman’s missing poet husband. Spade is asked to investigate a lawyer’s sick, elderly uncle in “They Can Only Hang You Once.” In “A Man Called Spade,” Spade arrives at the home of a prospective client only to find him murdered; Spade investigates in a case of extortion and revenge. Reprinted in 1949 as They can only hang you once.
*1st book publication
Baird & Greenwood 1029
Layman A11.1