Annie Griffin. Tall, Dead, and Handsome (2001) 304 pp. [pbo]
Just north of San Francisco in Marin County, Hill Creek is a weird combination of chic and New Age. Though everyone is wealthy, harmony does not exist. Renowned womanizer Mayor Alex Postman supports having Signatech establish facilities in the town in order to provide new jobs and money, but Hannah Malloy believes the firm will spoil the small town atmosphere. Hannah plans to run for mayor against Alex unless he changes his position. At a fund-raiser, Hannah intends to plead with Alex, but before she can, someone kills him. Another mayoral candidate is found dead in the back of Hannah’s truck. The police look at Hannah as the prime suspect in both homicides. With the help of her sister Kiki Goldstein, Hannah begins her own investigation in order to clear her name before they throw the book at her.