Maxwell Grant [pseud. Walter B. Gibson]. Green Eyes: From The Shadow’s Private Annals (1977) (Shadow #13) 158 pp. [pbo]
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? A man is murdered on the Mountain Limited, brutally stabbed in the chest. His dying words: “Green eyes.” Cleve Branch, a Federal investigator, arrives in San Francisco to investigate the activities of the Wu-Fan, a secret, sinister Chinese agency headquartered in Chinatown. Also arriving in San Francisco is the mysterious Henry Arnaud—one of the aliases of The Shadow, the “dread avenger of evil.” The murdered man, Stephen Laird, had been an agent of Wu-Fan and the investigations converge in a bloody shootout aboard a Chinese junk on San Francisco Bay. Originally published in the October 1, 1932 (Vol. 3, no. 3) issue of The Shadow Magazine.