Ron Goulart. After Things Fell Apart (1970) 189 pp. (Ace SF Special [1] 00950) [pbo]
In the last years of the 20th century, the United States of America no longer exists. California has been divided into two separate political entities. Southern California is controlled by the Chinese Commandos; various warring factions are struggling for control of northern California. The San Francisco Enclave controls the Bay Area. When a group of militant females led by the mysterious Lady Day begins assassinating prominent men, the S.F. Enclave Intelligence and Investigation Office calls in Jim Haley, an operative with the Private Inquiry Office, to put an end to the killings. Haley’s investigation takes him from the city across what is left of the Golden Gate Bridge to wide-open Marin County, where he tracks down Penny Deacon, a former Lady Day member. The trail then leads down the Peninsula to Monterey County. Along the way, Haley meets a vast assortment of eccentric characters, some human and some not so human.
Currey, p. 202