Joe Gores. Stakeout on Page Street (2000) 182 pp.
A compilation of short stories featuring Daniel Kearney & Associates (DKA), a San Francisco private investigation firm specializing in automobile repossessions and skip tracing. This volume collects the original DKA File stories (all but one published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, 1967-1989) in book form for the first time. Includes: “File #1: Find the Girl” (EQMM Dec. 1967; a.k.a. “The Mayfair Case”); “File #2: Stakeout on Page Street”  (EQMM Jan. 1968); “File #3: The Three Halves” (EQMM July 1968; a.k.a. “The Pedretti Case”); “File #4: Lincoln Sedan Deadline” (EQMM Sept. 1968); “File #5: Be Nice to Me” (EQMM  June 1969; a.k.a. “The Maria Navarro Case”); “File #6: Beyond the Shadow” (EQMM Jan. 1972); “File #7: O Black and Unknown Bard” (EQMM Jan. 1972); “File #8: The O’Bannon Blarney File” (Men and Malice, ed. by Dean Dickensheet, 1973); “File #9: Full Moon Madness” (EQMM Feb. 1984); “File #10: The Maimed and the Halt” (EQMM Jan. 1976); “File #11: Jump Her Lively, Boys” (EQMM July 1984); “File #12: Do Not Go Gentle” (EQMM Mar. 1989). Includes new introductions to each story by Gores. The cloth edition of this volume also includes a separate pamphlet, File #9: Double-Header, a DKA File story that was rejected by EQMM because it dealt with two separate repos in the same story.