Jaqueline Girdner. Most Likely to Die: A Kate Jasper Mystery (1996) 276 pp.
It is time for Gravendale High School’s 25th reunion and Kate Jasper’s old gang decides a Saturday afternoon picnic is just not long enough to catch up on old times. The cast of characters include: Charlie Hirsch, author of six children’s books; Jack Kanick, owner of an auto repair shop in Gravendale; Mark Meyers, veterinarian; Natalie Nusser, owner of a computer software company; Pam Ortega, librarian of a non-profit organization; salesman extraordinaire Sid Semling; Elaine Semling Timmons, head secretary; and attorney Becky Burchell Vogel. Everyone seems to be just the same as they were back in ‘68. Pam and Charlie act like they want to pick up right where they left off; wild women Becky; and the prankster Sid. At the party Kate brings one of her pinball machines, only Sid has rigged it to say insulting messages whenever someone plays it. Only it seems he has rigged it to do something a little more ...
Setting: Marin County; Gravendale [fictional town in Sonoma County]; San Francisco