Jaqueline Girdner. Murder Most Mellow: A Kate Jasper Mystery (1992) 217 pp. [pbo]
In total California style Kate holds a meeting of her human potential group in her hot tub, trying to come to terms with her recent break-up with boyfriend Wayne, who will not stop mentioning the “m” word (marriage, that is). The group consists of attorney Peter Stromberg, the robot whiz Sarah Quinn, vegan restaurateur Tony Olberti and Linda Zatara, whom no one really knows anything about. Sarah claims to be immortal but is proved wrong a few days later. After Kate receives a phone call from Sarah, insisting she needs to discuss something important about someone in their group, Kate arrives at Sarah’s house only to find that Sarah is soaking in the Jacuzzi with one of her robots. An accident, perhaps; suicide, maybe; murder, most likely. With the help of her physic friend Barbara, Kate knows she will find who ended Sarah’s potential.
Setting: Marin County