Jaqueline Girdner. The Last Resort: A Kate Jasper Mystery (1991) 236 pp. [pbo]
Suzanne Sorenson, a young top attorney, is dating the gorgeous and successful Craig Jasper and is planning to be part of the crowd at the Bay-to-Breakers. Only she won’t make the race this year. Enter Kate Jasper. Within minutes of receiving her divorce decree the telephone rings. It is ex-husband Craig, calling not to discuss their divorce but to ask for her help. Suzanne is dead and the Delores Police Department has him pegged as their top suspect. Kate flies down to Spa Santé to get to the bottom of yet another murder. The spa is still trying to get on its feet, run by Fran and Bradley Beaumont with their teenage son Paul and handyman Avery Haskell. Staying at the spa are rock promoter Jack and his girlfriend Nikki, wheelchair-bound Don, pop psychologist Ruth Ziegler, and conspiracy theorist Terry. The remote location makes it unlikely that anyone outside of the spa has done the nasty deed. Suzanne was not well-liked by the other guests, but since when did being a bitch become a motive for murder?
Setting: Marin County; Southern California, near San Diego [Spa Santé, near fictional Delores, Lakeside County]