Jaqueline Girdner. Murder, My Deer: A Kate Jasper Mystery (2000) 275 pp.
Deer have been eating Kate’s roses and it has to stop. So, of course, she and her new husband Wayne join the “Deer-Abused Support Group” run by former actress and owner of Eldora Nurseries, Avis Eldora. One of the members, Dr. Searle Sandstrom, thinks the best solution for getting rid of the deer is to just shoot them all. Of course this does not go over well in Marin County, California. When he gets hit over the head with a deer statue he just shrugs it off as nothing, only later he is attacked again with the same deer statue, only this time for keeps. It is evident someone from the group had it in for the doctor or perhaps someone from the Animal Rights Group that has been stalking Kate. When the Abierto police show up with a Captain a few roses short of a dozen, it is obvious that it is up to Kate to solve this mystery instead of honeymooning.
Setting: Abierto [fictional location in Marin County]