Jaqueline Girdner. Death Hits the Fan: A Kate Jasper Mystery (1998) 279 pp.
Four audience members, three murder-mystery/fantasy authors, two bookstore employees and one parrot. The book reading gets off to a slow start when Kate, almost falling asleep herself, notices that one of the authors, S.X. (Shayla) Greenfree, is slumped over in her chair asleep ... the eternal sleep, that is. Up to this point Kate and her sweetie Wayne were only trying to figure out how to get rid of their tango instructor, Raoul, who continues to profess his love to Kate everyday and won’t leave her alone, her house guest Ingrid, who won’t leave their house or the skunks who can’t seem to chase either Raoul or Ingrid off. Kate knows she cannot leave the solving of Greenfree’s murder to Leprechauns.
Settings: Marin County; San Francisco