Jaqueline Girdner. Adjusted to Death: A Kate Jasper Mystery (1991) 200 pp. [pbo]
Not only is Kate Jasper’s marriage going to hell, but so is her back. Since there is not much she can do about her love life she decides a trip to the chiropractor can solve at least one of her problems. Arriving early to the clinic she finds the waiting room crowded with patients. When the chiropractor Maggie asks Kate to tell Scott Younger it will be another 10 minutes or so, Kate doesn’t find an impatient client but instead a very dead one. So who in the crowded waiting room or staff could have killed Mr. Younger? Maggie the chiropractor, the no-nonsense receptionist Renee, Eileen Garza the assistant, “on time” Ted, Wayne (the one Kate has dubbed “The Beast”), Valerie Davis a follower of Guru Illumananda, Devi Moore, who knew the victim from their college days, or her daughter Tanya?
Setting: Mill Valley