Danielle Girard. Cold Silence (2002) 372 pp. [pbo]
Author’s website: Ex-FBI agent Cody O’Brien lives a quiet life in [Oakland]. Self-sufficient and content, she provides a good home for herself and her eight-year-old son, Ryan. But all of that is shattered when Ryan is kidnapped in broad daylight... Cody’s greatest fear is knowing the true motive behind the abduction. For her entire life is a life—one so easily exposed, and so very dangerous. A woman of hard-earned courage, she escaped the killers responsible for her husband’s murder—and she learned to start over. Failed by the Witness Protection Program, she trusts only herself to save her son. Now she’s on the run again—and heading blindly toward a past that wants only one thing from her: cold-blooded revenge.” www.daniellegirard.com