Jake Fuchs. Death of a Dad: The Nursery School Murders (1998) 178 pp. [tpo]
Publisher’s description: “‘Caleb’s dad. He’s all bloody on the corn meal table!’ Thus is announced the murder in Death of a Dad. Hoping to restore the serenity of her calm and happy Berkeley nursery school, Maren [Matthews], a mild-mannered teacher married to a grouchy English professor, becomes an unwilling amateur detective. When the murderer claims two more victims—a gloomy clown turned porno actor and a mom with a double life—Maren must clear her colleague Judy’s good name by investigating the nursery school’s moms and dads. Maren’s search for the killer teaches her more than she ever wanted to know about the fissures and fault lines running through the lives of these comfortably-off, Volvo-driving Berkeley professionals—and through her own life and marriage as well.”
Setting: Berkeley