George Francis. Virgin: The Mystery of Amos Virgin (2007) 251 pp. [tpo]
Publisher’s description: “Amos Virgin was branded a rapist, a thief, and maybe a murderer. Who was Amos Virgin? He was considered a prodigy and by all accounts the most handsome and desirable young man on California’s Monterey Peninsula in the early 1900s. He confessed to raping several young women. But none of the women complained! Why not? And why did he single out these particular women? Why did he offer no defense at his trial? Sheriff Bill affirmed: ‘Amos is not the vicious criminal that the town of Pacific Grove has made his out to be.’ Winnie, the Sheriff’s beautiful but willful daughter, is sent to interview Amos and falls in love. Was he a vicious criminal; or, was he broken-hearted over the loss of a great love? Can Winnie’s love for Amos save him from himself and keep him from going to prison?”
Setting: San Francisco; Monterey Peninsula (Monterey, Pacific Grove)