Michael Fessier. Fully Dressed And In His Right Mind (1935) 216 pp.
John Price, an ordinary man in San Francisco, witnesses the shooting death of a local newspaper publisher on a crowded city street. The killer, an enigmatic little old man with strange powers and an evil eye, approaches John, confesses the crime, and insinuates himself into his life. Unable to convince the police of the little old manís guilt, John tries to put it out of his mind. The little old man has other ideas, however, and proceeds to torment John and his friends. One night, John meets a naive young woman named Trelia swimming naked in a lake in Golden Gate Park, whom he befriends. After John is accused of murdering one of his acquaintances, he realizes that the little old man has framed him. Trelia and Dorgan, an artist, are the only ones who know John is innocent and they have to uncover the little old manís mysterious secret in order to save him from hanging for a crime he did not commit.
Baird & Greenwood 797; Hubin