Jeffrey Feinman. Black Narc (1977) 186 pp. [pbo]
Taking a week of vacation, Jimmie Jacobs, an undercover detective in the Narcotics division of the San Francisco Police Department, meets a beautiful, red-headed, aspiring actress named Jenna Zail in Union Square. Jenna has been receiving unwanted telephone calls from August Haupmann, a German pornographic filmmaker, who has been trying to convince her to work with him. She has also been contacted by Billy Washington, a former Narcotics detective who was mysteriously pensioned off the force a year ago. Washington, trying to track down the drug smugglers who ruined his career and threatened his family, has connected the gangsters to Haupmann and is trying to use Jenna to get close to him. Jacobs, Washington, and Jenna team up to take the bad guys down and Washington goes undercover, wired for sound. When he gets caught and subsequently killed—his death recorded on tape—Jacobs enlists the help of Washington’s sons, one of whom is also a cop in Oakland, to finish the job and avenge their father’s death.
Setting: San Francisco