Thomas Fahy. Night Visions (2004) 304 pp.
Publisher’s description: “[San Francisco lawyer] Samantha Ranvali hasn’t slept in months. Haunted by memories of a brutal attack, she seeks an experimental cure. Doctors call her treatment a success—until she begins having nightmares of a violent murder strikingly similar to her own assault. The line between sleeping and waking blurs even further when she discovers the body of a friend in a scene that seems to have come straight from her dreams. A recording of Bach’s ‘Goldberg Variations’ plays nearby—a sinister calling-card for a mystery that Samantha soon discovers spans more than two hundred years. As the killings continue, Samantha and her former lover start tracking down clues to these ritualistic crimes, digging deeper into Sam’s past. Every murder reveals that an age-old curse has taken hold of her world. And every clue brings her closer to the revelation that she may be the next victim.”