David Duncan. The Bramble Bush (1948) 215 pp.
Mike Finney, a labor agitator wanted by the Feds because of his activities during the San Francisco dock strike of 1934, leaves the safety of a secluded beach near Acapulco to return to San Francisco to clear his name. Unable to travel using his own passport, he happens upon the wallet of Philip Tremaine, an acquaintance whose physical description is quite close to his own, and he uses Tremaine’s papers instead. Finney learns after he arrives in San Francisco that Tremaine is wanted for murder. Finney finds himself at a Twin Peaks mansion, flea-bag Mission Street hotel, modest Palo Alto bungalow, and cliff somewhere between South San Francisco and Burlingame before he is able to extricate himself from the wrongful murder charge. Reprinted as Worse Than Murder (Pocket Books, 1954) and in an abridged edition as Sweet and Deadly (American Mercury, 1948?).
Setting: San Francisco; Palo Alto; Burlingame
Baird & Greenwood 708