Robert Dugoni. The Jury Master (2006) 438 pp.
David Sloane is an extremely successful San Francisco trial lawyer with a dark past. He specializes in defending companies against wrongful death cases. His world unravels, however, after he receives a mysterious package from one of the president’s closest advisors—a man who has apparently just committed suicide in a West Virginia national park. Soon, a pair of hitmen are after him. After barely surviving one attack—an attack that leaves an elderly woman dead—Sloane manages to elude another attack at UCSF Medical Center. In order to figure out what is happening to him, Sloane travels to Washington, DC, eventually teaming up with a West Virginia police detective (who had been told not to investigate the “suicide”) and a former CIA agent who had once been the dead man’s partner. The mystery involves a covert CIA operation thirty years earlier and leads Sloane all the way to the Oval Office.