Mary Daheim. Dead Man Docking (2006) 308 pp.
Judith Grover McMonigle Flynn takes a well-deserved break from her B&B in the Pacific Northwest, with her cousin graphic designer Serena Jones, to go on an 1930’s South Pacific-themed cruise. Thanks to cousin Renie, it is an all expenses trip paid by the head of the cruise line. When he turns up dead in a piano before the ship can even leave dock, the cousins find time to explore San Francisco. The San Francisco of the 21st century may not be as they remembered it from their youth—boy, are those hills steep—but they have a mystery to solve. With help from the rich and martini-swilling couple, Rick and Rhoda St. George, and their rag mop pooch, Asthma, they may just succeed in finding their killer and leave the shores of California.
Setting: San Francisco