Joseph Covino, Jr. San Francisco’s Finest: Gunning for the Zodiac (2012) 463 pp. [tpo]
Publisher’s description: “With the grisly murder of a famous true crime writer and author of Zodiac books, former San Francisco homicide inspector, Dave Toski, aka Unsavory Dave, is called out of retirement to consult with two Italian city detectives, Moretti and Marino (aka the M&Ms), trying to track down a latter-day Zodiac Killer, who may or may not be a copycat. At the same time, the city is plagued by a separate series of serial crimes committed by a rogue gang of Black Muslims trying to extort control of the very private security company employing Toski as its operations director. Past and present collide once the black serial criminals are themselves stalked by this erstwhile serial killer. From its shocking commencement to its explosive conclusion, this novel advances a tantalizingly fresh new theory about the real-life Zodiac Killer, which could conceivably guide present-day investigators to finally uncover and expose the elusive killer’s long-sought true identity!” Editor’s note: The character of Dave Toski in the novel is based on the real-life lead investigator in the Zodiac killings, Dave Toschi. The novel also features a black newspaper reporter named Chance Bailey, based on Oakland reporter Chauncey Bailey, who was murdered while investigating the financial activities of Your Black Muslim Bakery in 2007.
Setting: San Francisco