Lucha Corpi. Eulogy for a Brown Angel: A Mystery Novel (1992) 189 pp.
The first part of this novel starts on August 29, 1970 in East Los Angeles. Gloria Damasco, a feminist political activist from Oakland, and her best friend Luisa are attending a march in support of the Chicano Moratorium. After the protest turns into a riot, Gloria and Luisa discover the dead body of a 4-year old boy named Michael David Cisneros; he has been strangled and his body defiled. Working unofficially with the lead LAPD homicide investigator, Gloria and Luisa become acquainted with the dead boy’s family, who are also in town from Oakland for the march. Then the key witness, a young gang member, is also murdered and the trail to the boy’s killer goes cold. The novel then shifts to the Bay Area and fast-forwards to 1988. Gloria’s husband, who discouraged her from continuing the investigation, has died and her daughter is grown, but she is still haunted by little Michael David’s murder. Worried about Gloria’s state of mind, her mother hires private investigator Justin Escobar to solve the mystery once and for all. Together, Gloria and Justin uncover a trail of international conspiracy and family tragedies before they finally learn the truth behind the 18-year old murder. The character of Gloria Damasco is often hailed as the first Chicana detective in American literature. She is also clairvoyant. Eulogy for a Brown Angel won the 1992 Multicultural Publishers Exchange Book Award for Adult Fiction.
Setting: Oakland; Napa Valley; East Los Angeles