Irving R. Cohen. The Passover Commando (1979) 242 pp.
In San Francisco, after a chance encounter with a former Nazi officer—a German lieutenant named Dieter Holzer—in a bar, film and literature teacher Aryeh (who is Jewish) enlists the aid of five friends, all of whom still live with the aftermath the Holocaust, in launching an offensive against him. Their objective is to teach Dieter, now making his living as a businessman, what it feels like to be utterly powerless and at the mercy of another human being. They model their “attacks” on the ten plagues (from the Book of Exodus) that Jehovah visited upon Pharaoh when he refused to allow the Jews to leave Egypt. As the plagues progress, Dieter, with the help of a private detective, manages to uncover the identities of his tormenters and—as when Pharaoh instructed his priests and magicians to fight back in kind—he begins to turn the tables on Aryeh and his commando.