Susan Brassfield Cogan. Murder on the Waterfront (2004) 199 pp. [tpo]
Publisher’s description: “One foggy November night in 1935, a luminary of the San Francisco art world goes out looking for adventure. However, it is adventure that finds Lady Margaret Thompson, Countess of Chesterleigh, a British expatriate and renowned artist. When she returns home late that fateful night, Mr. Rosenberg, a kind and gentle man, is shot down in front of her. She holds him in her arms as he bleeds his life away, calling to his mysterious killer. Lady Margaret’s quest to bring the killer to justice leads her from her art studio to a seedy all-night cafe, a Depression-era tenement, the waterfront, and eventually to the dark underbelly of Chinatown. Lady Margaret is forced into an uneasy alliance with Inspector Thomas Monahan, the blunt-talking son of Irish immigrants, who has no love for the English nobility. Together, Lady Margaret and Inspector Monahan pursue ‘The Mandarin,’ a shadowy Chinese gangster who may have the answers to blackmail, smuggling, and the whereabouts of a cruel killer.”
Setting: San Francisco (Chinatown; 1935)