Whitman Chambers. Bring Me Another Murder (1942) 249 pp.
On election night in Oakland, Herald reporter Bill Randall, just returned from a five-year stint as a screenwriter in Hollywood, is assigned to cover the returns at City Hall. During a blackout—common in the wake of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor the year before—Lili McGee, the wife of a local press agent, falls to her death from the thirteenth floor. Was it suicide? An accident? Or murder? Bill, who was one of the last to talk to Lili before her death (she was trying to seduce him), is drawn into the investigation. The police soon determine that Lili had been strangled before she fell and the list of suspects grows—including her husband, several of the City Hall reporters, and even Bill’s estranged movie-star wife. Although Oakland is never mentioned by name, it is clear that the action is set there. There are several references to Oakland streets, the bay, and even Highland Hospital. However, Baird & Greenwood mistakenly establish the setting as Los Angeles.
Baird & Greenwood 435