James Calder. In a Family Way (2005) 224 pp.
Publisher’s description: “It's a parent’s nightmare: the fertility doctor who tinkers with the very essence of a child. After his cousin’s daughter is kidnapped, Bill Damen is drawn into the world of embryo manipulation, where life, death, money, and power are chillingly intertwined. With the help of his new assistant, the fearless and sharp-witted Clementine, Bill tracks one family’s journey into the dark realm of reproductive engineering in their attempt undo the past and redeem a tragedy. He soon discovers that the circumstances of their daughter’s birth have everything to do with her death. Set in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Bill Damen series continues to explore what it’s like to be a human being in a ‘posthuman’ world and grapples with the hard truth that when science sets out to change human nature, human nature fights back.”