Michael Cadnum. Flash (2010) 235 pp.
Publisher’s description: “One bright California morning, a bank heist goes wrong for thieving brothers Bruce and Milton. To ruin their day further, they know their criminal activity has been witnessed—aurally—by Terrence, a blind neighbor. The brothers have every reason to worry, because Terrence tells his girlfriend, Nina, and her brother, Carraway, a wounded military policeman just back from Iraq. Carraway is a stickler for law and order, sort of, and when he disappears, Nina is afraid he is going to do something to the brothers. By nightfall, she is fearful of what the brothers will do to Terrence. Set in contemporary San Francisco Bay Area, Flash tells the story of an explosive day and night in the lives of five young people: two who are hell-bent on a destructive path, two who will stand in their way, and one whose actions may be the spark to set the whole thing off.” Juvenile.
Setting:San Francisco Bay Area