Mary F. Burns. The Lucky Dog Lottery: A West Portal Mystery (2006) 165 pp. [tpo]
Publisher’s description: “A mysterious death...a statue with a secret...a $60 million lottery...hi-tech intrigue...and a battle with the elusive master criminal Meringue all add up to adventure, danger and excitement for Cynthia Montrose, her English bulldogs Roscoe and Kiwi, and her best friends Maureen and Henry. In this first of a new series, The West Portal Mysteries, criminals meet their doom in the otherwise friendly San Francisco neighborhood of West Portal, nestled between Twin Peaks and the Pacific Ocean, only a decade or two behind the high-speed downtown city life. Cynthia is a veterinarian’s assistant at a local animal hospital, and much of her life revolves around Roscoe and Kiwi, but she somehow manages to always land in the middle of things criminal! And, when the detective who shows up with the police turns out to be her high school boyfriend from Chicago, romance is in the air. Ride along with Cynthia and her friends as they unravel a hi-tech mystery that takes them through the futurist laboratories of Silicon Valley to the excitement of the Big Jackpot Lottery drawing.”
Setting: San Francisco (West Portal)