D.W. Buffa. Trial by Fire (2005) 304 pp.
Famous defense attorney Joseph Antonelli and Berkeley law professor Justin Sinclair meet on the talk show “The Bryan Allen Show,” with lawyer Paula Constable and San Francisco assistant district attorney Daphne McMillan. There is a rapport between Antonelli and Justin from the start. Joseph represents all the goodness humanity has to offer while Justin admires the defense attorney and thinks of him as a defender of truth. It is to Joseph that Justin turns when he gets in legal trouble. Justin calls Joseph early one morning and asks him to come over to his house. When he arrives, he sees the butchered up body of Daphne there. Justin admits she spent the night in his house but he never killed her or heard any intruder in the house. Joseph knows Justin is innocent and agrees to be his lawyer, but before the case can go to trial it is played out in the media. Justin is found guilty and is sentenced to life without parole, but Joseph is determined to prove that Daphne’s abusive husband killed her and he goes to amazing lengths to see that justice prevails.