Denniger Bolton. Honk If You’re Jesus: Murder by the Bay (2008) 256 pp. [tpo]
Austin private eye, former cop and rodeo cowboy, B.B. (Bilbo Baggins) Rivers is summoned to San Francisco to look for a missing person, O.C. Flowers. O.C. is his best friend and the front man in a popular, irreverent rock and roll band called Honk If You’re Jesus. He has gone missing two weeks before the band's break-through concert in Los Angeles, an event he would never miss if he were alive and free. The only clue is that he told the band he was headed to Chinatown on personal business. Following the clues leads B.B. into the world of Chinatown gangs, drugs, and martial arts and involves beautiful con artists, gay policemen, and the wives of other missing persons. The world B.B. has to deal with as he searches to learn his friend’s fate is nothing like his native Texas.
Settings: San Francisco (Chinatown)