Dorothy Bennett. Murder Unleashed (1935) 306 pp.
On a foggy November night in San Francisco, radio tenor Dennis Devore returns to his hotel room after his show to find a murdered woman on the floor. After reporting the crime to the police, Dennis quickly becomes the prime suspect. With the help of a newspaper reporter, he enlists attorney Peter Byrne to represent him. Together with Peter’s assistant and sister, Blake, they begin to investigate the mysterious woman, known as Bianca Fior, “White Flower,” and the circumstances that led her to Dennis’s room. Although he had never seen her before in his life, the investigation soon leads back to Dennis’s hometown in Monterey County and to a series of tragic events from his past that resulted in a manslaughter charge. An amusing exchange takes place when Dennis and Peter first meet each other. They realize that they had actually met once before—on opposite sides of the ball in the Big Game (Peter was a defensive lineman at Stanford; Dennis was a running back for Cal).
Baird & Greenwood 226