K.K. Beck. Murder in a Mummy Case (1986) 167 pp.
The second chronicle of 1920’s flapper Iris Cooper, finds her taking part in a séance, playing with a 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy, and dancing in a Chinatown speakeasy.  On spring break from Stanford in 1928, Iris is spending the holidays with her rich boyfriend Clarence Brock Hurst and his family in Burlingame, halfway up the peninsula towards San Francisco. His mother, a collector of people, is playing host to medium Madame Sophie, who proclaims that Ra-Hotep, Clarence’s mummy, is cursed. Then Iris and Clarence find the dead body of Madame Sophie’s scantily-clad young maid in the mummy’s sarcophagus. The Chinese butler, Chan, goes missing, the police show up, and Jack Clancy, a San Francisco Globe reporter and Iris’s old friend, is not far behind. Who will serve the drinks now? Are they all cursed?
Setting: Burlingame, San Francisco