M.F. Beal. Angel Dance (1977) 259 pp. [tpo]
Kat (née Maria Katerina Lorca Guerrera Alcazar) is a Chicana lesbian living in New York. She is hired by Michael Tarleton to keep an eye on his estranged wife, Angel Stone, a feminist author who has been receiving threats. Kat and Angel relocate to a San Joaquin Valley town (home to a California State University, with streets named Blackstone and Gettysburg Ö sounds like Fresno to me), where Angel has been hired to teach. After Tarleton is murdered, Katís investigation into Angelís family background takes her to San Francisco, back to New York, and to a feminist retreat in the Sierra Nevada. As the attraction between the two women grows, Angelís secrets threaten them both.
Setting: New York, Fresno, San Francisco (North Beach), the Peninsula