Barclay Bates. The Last of the White Guys (1999) 240 pp.
Publisher’s description: “In the oh-so-politically-correct city of San Francisco, Mickey Bradford is a highly effective assistant principal at Alexander Hamilton High School, the last redoubt of academic education in a public school system run by benighted multiculturalists. A man for all seasons by virtue of ignoring the weather, Bradford takes things lightly, doing his job, savoring his small pleasures, stoically enduring first the deaths of his parents and then the desertion of his wife. But when the Imams of the left dismiss him from the job he loves, something inside him slips. He commits an impulsive act of violence and begins an affair with an underage girl, thus embarking on a dangerous and fateful journey, a swift descent into a penumbral world of trysts and firearms, right-wing thugs and Federal agents, a realm in which nothing is quite as it seems ”
Setting: San Francisco