Dan A. Baker. Forever and Ever (2007) 310 pp.
Publisher’s description: “Forever and Ever is the deeply personal story of Jasmine and Earl Metcalf, highly principled scientists at a Bay Area drug discovery company. When their research in genetic disease therapy is banned by a political response to the first human cloning, they bolt the constraints of the corporate biotech world in a desperate attempt to treat Roy, a child dying of old age. Dying from one of evolution’s most bizarre mistakes: Progeria. The revolutionary gene-based therapy they are developing will reverse normal human aging and provide immortality in a youthful state. They struggle with the unprecedented ethical dilemmas this technology will precipitate and conclude that the desire for life is unconquerable, and the quest for new knowledge irresistible. Interest in their work is intense. The brilliant gambits of powerful interests intent on capturing the treatment and ending further development involve them in a bizarre and murderous struggle. The long postulated ‘Gene Wars’ has suddenly arrived, and the effort to control the age of biology has begun ”
Setting: San Francisco Bay Area